Project Spotlight: Cambria Hotel Boston

Yellow Goat Design partnered with RODE Architects to create a custom piece for the new Cambria Hotel in South Boston. Located at a transportation intersection, RODE sought to “bring the outside in” utilizing bright greens and gold to aid the transition from bustling exterior to calming interior. A custom MOSSY was designed for an unusual nook in the lobby window of the hotel. Based on the swaying branches of the willow trees at the Boston Public Garden, this silver and brass sculpture gently welcomes visitors to a more serene mindset and an inspiring space. The custom piece has strands of silver and brass finished leaves suspended from a line of rods. The alternating finishes creates a natural look and causes the piece to reflect the sun that shines through the floor to ceiling windows.

“The way it twists and bends and catches the light creates a unique one off moment when you’re watching it…”

ygd_Cambria 6 West Broadway_Custom Mossy_034ygd_Cambria 6 West Broadway_Custom Mossy_124

ygd_Cambria 6 West Broadway_Custom Mossy_063

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