Tribby Arts Center

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Tribby Arts Center is one of Shell Point's newest endeavors into creating a cultural resource for both Shell Points Senior Living residents as well as the Fort Myers Community. The project kicked off with a $10 million investment from Shell Point resident, Maggie Tribby. Wegman Design Group was brought on board as the lead Design firm for the space. We spoke with Wegman Design Director Amber Caton about the history of the project and some of the design details including our fabric Cloche pendants that float above a reading space in the Literary Artist Lounge and our Halo Vert fixtures which are located in the Grande Lobby of the Tribby Arts Center

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YGD: Tell me a little about The Shell Point Retirement Community and why it was important to them to invest in this new arts center for their space? 
Amber Caton, Design Director at Wegman Design Group:
Shell Point Retirement Community is in Fort Myers, Florida and started on an island that sits right on the Caloosahatchee before it flows out into the Gulf of Mexico. There are approximately 2,500 residents at Shell Point and the beautiful locale and scenery are a huge draw and inspiration to many of the artists there. The building of the Tribby Arts Center was driven by residents and their donations.

Wegman_TribbyArts-1-1YGD: What purpose will the art center serve? 
AC: The Tribby Arts Center now serves as a classroom and studio space for many artist groups at Shell Point such as, painting, pottery, photography, glass, and quilting studios. The new building also houses a performing arts studio, literary studio, music suites, auditorium, café, and gallery spaces to exhibit resident artwork.

Wegman_TribbyArts-9YGD: What was the design theme behind the arts center overall? 
AC: The design theme for the arts center is warm industrial scheme that uses neutral whites, grays, and blacks with oak touches throughout the building. These were specifically chosen to serve as a backdrop for the artist work.

YGD_Shell Point Retirement Community Tribby Arts Center_Cloche_001-1YGD: Why did you choose the Yellow Goat Design Cloche fixtures and where are they located? 
AC: The Cloche fixture was chosen for the Literary Artist Lounge on the second floor of the arts center. The neutral color of the Cloche fixture fit the slightly industrial design scheme, while the organic shape and ability to stagger multiples of this fixture gives the space a tranquil accent over the lounge seating group which is adjacent to the fireplace. The resident artists can study their favorite oversized monographs in a calm and well illuminated setting.

Wegman_TribbyArts-23-1YGD: Why did you choose the Yellow Goat Design Halo Vert fixtures and where are they located? 
AC: The Halo Vert fixtures are located in the Grande Lobby of the Tribby Arts Center. We wanted to use this fixture for its clean lines and elegant appearance. The ability to customize the shape into a rounded triangle, allowed us to tie in shapes in the custom terrazzo floor pattern, which was also inspired by kinetic sculptures in the Lobby.
YGD: What is important to you as a design firm about using artists who create unique lighting or sculpture pieces like Yellow Goat? 
AC: The use of unique lighting in our designs can work as a design element carrying other forms or colors through the space or as an accent that creates additional interest in the space as it complements the textures and reflecting surfaces that have been selected in combination. We were able to achieve both of these using Yellow Goat on the art center project.
YGD: How was your experience working with Yellow Goat? 
We had a very positive experience working with Yellow Goat. It was very easy to take the Cloche and Halo Vert fixtures, and have the designs customized to what we needed for the Tribby Arts Center. The Yellow Goat team was very helpful in answering questions and working with us.

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All photos courtesy of Amber Frederiksen