Year 3000 - A Collection for the Future copy 2-2A spark. A moment of ignition. A world bursting into flame to begin anew. Our newest collection focuses on the future. The Year 3000. Each lighting, screen or sculpture piece imagines a world years ahead, exhibiting strange and new metallic or colorful growth among the ruins.

YGD_Implosion_webA world where man, machine, and metals combine to form an unexpected beauty. Wander with us through this garden, ripe with evolved plants of unusual color and shape. Linger until the sunrise of the vivid dawn, rising up to define a bold new design world.

fullimage_opt2The collection includes 9 new lighting design including metallic and acrylic showstoppers like Implosion, Gaia, Pi, and The Cut Outs. As well as 2 new metal screens, Ex Machina and Asimov, that can be customized in a range of shades or sizes.galleryforblogOpt2 copy

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