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Against the Grain, a new collection from Yellow Goat Design

Posted by Yellow Goat Design on 24 Feb 2021

They say when you reach a certain age you’ve officially “grown-up.” At YGD we eschew that theory. There is always room for new growth, room to push back against the ordinary and find the extraordinary seed within. With our newest collection “Against the Grain” we’re expanding our boundaries to explore new shapes and materials in design. This collection focuses on wood designs that go against the traditions of the material. These offerings in geometric and organic shapes, allow the viewer to see this material in a new way and leave them with a sense of wonder. 

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DITTO - A New Screen Collection from YGD

Posted by Yellow Goat Design on 06 Oct 2020

A New Screen Collection from Yellow Goat Design

Hot off the press, it’s DITTO, Yellow Goat Design’s new DigiPrint and Laser Cut Safe Screen collection.  This digitally printed and laser cut safe screen collection is patterned after many of our existing router cut screen options, as well as several new YGD designs. Designed and built to be applicable in today’s hospitality, healthcare, workplace or residential environments, each screen is easy to clean, comes in a variety of mounting options and designed with patterns to improve mood and health.  As always, our screens can be customized in both finish and size to meet your aesthetic.

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YGD on Luxe Magazine/DesignTV Makers Series!

Posted by Yellow Goat Design on 30 Sep 2020

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